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  • Caffeine and athletic performance

    Caffeine is the world’s most widely consumed central nervous system stimulant. Typically consumed in caffeine-infused drinks such as coffee, tea, and cola, caffeine is generally recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration. In simpler terms, for many us, caffeine is how we wake up when we need to be alert, such as for work, studying, recreation, and driving.

    When caffeine is consumed in measured doses, it can be perfectly safe. What makes this difficult is consuming it in liquid form, because the quantity of caffeine in liquids is determined not by a measuring spoon, but by which seed (commonly referred to as a coffee bean) is used and how it is prepared.

    What complicates knowing the dosage even further is that some companies don’t use an equally measured dose in each beverage or food item.

    Turbo Truffle regularly tests our formula to ensure the caffeine dosage is as we advertise. This is the best way to ensure our customers are able to get as much or as little caffeine as you like each day. This is our commitment to you.

    How does caffeine work?
    Caffeine reversibly (temporarily) blocks the action of the neuromoderator adenosine, which plays an important role in biochemical energy transfer, and is believed to play a role in promoting sleep and suppressing arousal.

    Yes, it is true, caffeine can effect your sex. (That’s why we have another wonderful truffle people love, called Sex Chocolate. Get it here.)

    It’s also true that caffeine affects your energy by preventing the onset of drowsiness induced by adenosine.

    Is caffeine safe for athletic performance?
    Caffeine is, for most people, safe for consumption during athletic events. Like anything, it is smart to stay within recommended limits, and enjoy in moderation. You also need to be aware of, and take into consideration, your own body’s condition and limitations. The best way to enhance sport performance is with long-term training, rest, and recovery. Caffeine can be thought of as the icing on your training cake.

    You might find your sport has limits on how much caffeine you can take in during competition, so be sure to check. Those limits are usually quite generous. For example, in cycling you could consume several Turbo Truffles and remain under the limit.

    If you are considering caffeine during competition, Turbo Truffles are a much safer way to consume your caffeine due to their measured dose. In contrast, you don’t always know how much caffeine you’re getting in a cup of coffee.

    One reason caffeine can enhance performance is that it generally improves reaction time, which can be critical in competition. It also improves concentration and motor coordination.

    Caffeine is proven to improve athletic performance in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, particularly in endurance sports such as running and cycling. Caffeine delays the onset of muscle fatigue, and it can improve sprint and time trial performance in both cycling and running, and can even improve power output in cycling.

    Always drink plenty of fluids in combination with caffeine intake. This helps your body utilize the caffeine and stay hydrated.

    Read more about caffeine here.

  • The science (and caffeine) behind Turbo Truffles

    While it’s true that Turbo Truffle was invented to make caffeine consumption more convenient, careful consideration was also paid to health and wellness.

    According to WebMD, caffeine’s average half-life is 5-7 hours, which can vary according to a person’s size and metabolism. ‘Half-life’ refers to the time it takes the body to eliminate half of the content. One of Turbo Truffle’s claims to fame is that the energy you get from one truffle lasts 6 hours.

    Liquid spills, it’s a fact. And hot liquid, well, it burns. A cup of premium coffee is served at a temperature of 170-180 degrees F (82 C). When you spill burning hot liquid on fabric, guess what? It burns your skin. While you can put a lid on it, there’s not always one handy, and even spill-proof cups dump burning hot liquid when you drive over a bump. That was the idea behind making a solid caffeine source. It can be consumed anywhere, any time.

    Caffeine by itself is as bitter as a scorned house cat. But when you pair it with sweet flavor, the flavor wins out, delivering a sumptuous caffeinated energy treat to your palette. The brothers Turbo sourced flavors from natural sources, then carefully formulated them to rock worlds. Did it work? Let us know.

  • Good Effects of Caffeine reports in an article titled, Good Effects of Caffeine, that caffeine decreases risk of diabetes, lessens liver cancer risk, reduces Altzheimer’s risk, and boosts brain activity. Whew! That’s a powerfully positive statement, and the article is even better, citing documented studies to support the claims. Check it out here.

  • Caffeine Benefits for Asthma

    Caffeine, it turns out, might be beneficial for asthmatics! As a former asthma sufferer, this is welcome news. According to, caffeine may decrease exercise-induced asthma and improve lung function.

  • Turbo Truffles in the evening

    We use Turbo Truffles as an effective energy boost mostly in the morning and afternoon, but reports here that 42% of people eat Turbo Truffles in the evening!

    We were initially surprised to read this, but it makes sense because our energy often begins to lessen at the end of the work day. The problem is, you still need energy for family time, for helping with homework, making dinner, or even just going for an evening walk.

    We find customers usually enjoy 1-3 Turbo Truffles per day: morning, noon, and evening.