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  • The science (and caffeine) behind Turbo Truffles

    While it’s true that Turbo Truffle was invented to make caffeine consumption more convenient, careful consideration was also paid to health and wellness.

    According to WebMD, caffeine’s average half-life is 5-7 hours, which can vary according to a person’s size and metabolism. ‘Half-life’ refers to the time it takes the body to eliminate half of the content. One of Turbo Truffle’s claims to fame is that the energy you get from one truffle lasts 6 hours.

    Liquid spills, it’s a fact. And hot liquid, well, it burns. A cup of premium coffee is served at a temperature of 170-180 degrees F (82 C). When you spill burning hot liquid on fabric, guess what? It burns your skin. While you can put a lid on it, there’s not always one handy, and even spill-proof cups dump burning hot liquid when you drive over a bump. That was the idea behind making a solid caffeine source. It can be consumed anywhere, any time.

    Caffeine by itself is as bitter as a scorned house cat. But when you pair it with sweet flavor, the flavor wins out, delivering a sumptuous caffeinated energy treat to your palette. The brothers Turbo sourced flavors from natural sources, then carefully formulated them to rock worlds. Did it work? Let us know.

  • Turbo Truffles in the evening

    We use Turbo Truffles as an effective energy boost mostly in the morning and afternoon, but reports here that 42% of people eat Turbo Truffles in the evening!

    We were initially surprised to read this, but it makes sense because our energy often begins to lessen at the end of the work day. The problem is, you still need energy for family time, for helping with homework, making dinner, or even just going for an evening walk.

    We find customers usually enjoy 1-3 Turbo Truffles per day: morning, noon, and evening.